First Team RollaJam-III RollAbout 36x54 Acrylic Backboard Portable Basketball Goal System in my opinion

A yesterday. I'm looking for information on the First Team RollaJam-III RollAbout 36"x54" Acrylic Backboard Portable Basketball, so i would like to describe here.

First Team RollaJam-III RollAbout 36

First Team RollaJam-III RollAbout 36"x54" Acrylic Backboard Portable Basketball

The RollaJam III gives the residential basketball player the combination of flexibility and portability they want. This model is very durable and is a good quality unit. You have the option of setting the rim height to any level between 10' and 6'6" by turning the crank at the back of the post. The rim height indicator will tell you when you have the rim height at the level you want. When you want to move the RollaJam III in between games it's a very simple process. To start just retract the vertical post using the post actuator on the base unit. As the post pitches back the RollaJam III lowers onto the transport wheel. When you want to use the system again all you need to do is return the post to the vertical position ... Read more

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